Professional In-Home Dog Training

Helping You Create a Balanced & Happy Dog
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Dog Training in Ridgefield, CT


We are one of the foremost professional in-home dog training programs in CT & NY, Ridgefield, North Salem, South salem, New Canaan, Wilton, Brewster, Danbury, Redding, and Fairfield offering all types of dog training, puppy training & dog behavior modification.

Developed and refined over 18+ years, our approach is based on canine psychology and proven scientific studies in canine behavior.  Voice control and body language are the instinctual tools dogs understand. We use these techniques in teaching your dog, but more importantly, we teach you how to get control and become the fair and responsible pack leader your dog needs.


What We Can Help With

Unruley Behavior Puppy Training Basic Manners Come When Called
Jumping Barking Pulling On Leash Sit Down, Stay, Etc
Chewing Digging Rushing The Door Problem Prevention
Counter Surfing Potty Training Handling Loose Leash Walking
Chew Training Mouthing Recall Foundation Polite Greetings

Come when called (recall)