Services and Fees

At The 10 Minute Dog, we believe private in-home sessions are more productive and cost effective than crowded impersonal group classes. Specialized attention and focus develops a balanced and happy dog quicker and with less stress.

Advantages of our private in-home lessons:

  • You and your dog are more comfortable and at ease.
  • You have our full attention which results in a customized plan of action.
  • Lessons are scheduled for mutual convenience.  There's no traveling.
  • Behavioral problems can be better assessed on the dog's home turf.
  • Group lessons require a trainer to address a whole spectrum of issues that may not affect you. Private lessons insure no distractions and 100% focus on your issues.
  • More time spent with you and your dog means you should progress at a quicker pace.

We offer a variety of options for you and your dog, from Obedience Training packages to hourly consultations and our RIGHT START® Puppy Education Program. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

You can choose a package of sessions or customize our expertise to your needs. Evaluation and single sessions begin at $125/hour. Discounts begin w/ a 3 session purchase.

We offer 10% off all packages for dogs adopted from Danbury Animal  Welfare Society (

PUPPY EDUCATION - "The Right Start"®

  • Training puppy the first week
  • Intro to Sit, Stay, Come
  • Nutritional guidance
  • House Breaking
  • Mouthing & play biting
  • Crate training
  • Chewing
  • Intro to the collar & leash

Our four (4) hour RIGHT START® program includes 3 one (1) hour sessions with you and your dog, our "New Client" booklet, a personalized plan of action & training program as well as post program follow up telephone consultations.

Behavior Modification

Our behavioral modification program was created to help you with a broad spectrum of problems you and your dog are currently facing. While all the behaviors we work with are too numerous to mention, some common problems we deal with regularly include the following:

  • Jumping on people
  • Whining
  • Foundational issues (lack of pack placement)
  • Refusing to come when called
  • Timidity / shyness
  • Fear biting
  • Aggression
  • House-breaking issue

We want to make your life a little easier.  All behaviorial consultations and sessions are tailored to meet your needs. We are available for a one time 2 hour session to assess, define and create a custom approach for you to follow ($275.) or we can work with you on an hourly basis, as needed. ($145.)

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Hunting Retriever Training

  • Basic skills, started dogs, finished dogs
  • Training for the field, marsh & competition
  • Contact us for more information