Happy Clients
Bruce: You are a great communicator--Thank you for all your extra time. Your help gave me the understanding and tools I needed to guide Penny to become the perfect dog!
Posted By: Danielle H
Waccabuc, NY
We were ready to give up on Cody until we met you. Group Training was not helping. Within the first half hour, I could see him responding to your training techniques. It was not long after--with consistent practice--that Cody became the obedient dog we needed him to be. Thank you for helping to turn things around. We're really enjoying Cody not and couldn't have gotten there without your help!
Posted By: Melissa R
Ridgefield, CT
Before we never understood the importance or rules of pack mentality. That really helped us with Piper and the other dogs. We are so pleased with the results. Thank you.
Posted By: Tim & Kerri J
Newtown CT
Thank you so much for all of your help with Emily. I thought you would like to know that she was SO upset that you left yesterday; she took the shock and ran down the street after your car. She looked at us first, and decided she liked you better – Lucky for us she eventually got distracted by the neighbors dog so we were able to catch her! Just thought you would like to know you will be missed!
Posted By: Tracy T
Silvermine CT
This was the first experience we have had with any trainer and frankly, it exceeded my expectations. What really stood out was how [Bruce] managed to get the lessons across with me while making sure my father was included in the conversation. It has been a great success and I am comfortable knowing that I can contact you in the future.
Posted By: Kate M
Darien, CT
I just wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation and thanks to you for your all your time and knowledge that you have shared with me as my mentor for ABC. I have really enjoyed working alongside you for the past two months. Your dedication to your trade, your clients and especially to the dogs you work with at D.A.W.S has been a real inspiration to me as well as a real motivating factor to be the best dog trainer I can be. I am looking forward to a continued relationship with you in the days, months and years to come. I was happy to hear that you have picked up a couple of new students from ABC, the school is extremely fortunate to have you as a mentor trainer.

Thanks again for everything,
Posted By: Jeffrey S
Weston CT
I would like to try to thank you for the time and patience you have extended to me during the mentorship portion of Animal Behavior College.
YOU MADE IT FUN! Your clear and concise answers to the questions posed to you actually work! Your communication skills exemplify yet another incredibly adept talent of yours and to be sure, that includes the four leggeds and the two leggeds!
I found your good energy both engaging and contagious. Your leadership and experience are thoroughly convincing and I would always recommend you to those challenges that I don't feel equipped to handle. Isn't that what a great mentorship is supposed to render?
It seems to me that you are at the top of your game and i wish you every happiness that comes with making this world of ours a little bit more tolerable one 10 Minute Dog at a time!
Thank you Bruce for your generous and bountiful willingness to share information that will hopefully make me a better trainer. I hope we will always stay in touch.
Posted By: Boo M
Fairfield CT
My dog has a new lease on life! She couldn't be around other dogs--EVER. Now I can let the leash go at a dog park. Our relationship (mine & my dog's) has grown tremendously. I've learned so much about her and she respect me so much more. I found you online when looking for a trainer in my area dealing with aggression. I feel very lucky for this experience. I have, and will continue to recomend you to anyone!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Posted By: Laurie V. Brookfield
"Our dog was very shy and "afraid of its own shadow". She just didn't seem very happy. The 10 Minute Dog's approach and Bruce's positive energy and expertise gave us the tools we needed to get our dog out of her shell and enjoy life. Once we understood her issues, we spent a mere 10 minutes a day twice a day to work on them. We're happy to say, she now approaches the world with her tail up and a sparkle in her eye. I highly recommend The 10 Minute Dog."
Posted By: Ron & Jessica B.
Brewster NY

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